Car Parts Anyone?

The auto industry has hypnotized the world. Studies prove that, this industry commands the highest revenue in the world. Statistics show that in 2013, the combined revenues of the world’s seventeen largest automakers exceeded 1.31 Trillion US$ (or 1.25 Trillion Euro). But that is not all. The auto industry supports a huge subsidiary industry, and provides employment for millions around the world. The petrol and diesel network wraps around the earth several times. Some of the richest countries in the world do nothing but drill for fuel for cars under the ground (and process it). And then there is the car parts industry. The global size was estimated at US$ 369.2 billion in 2018, and it is growing by the day. The online market for car parks is expanding the market at an even faster rate, and has actually expended business till it is actually competing with the sale of cars itself. Car owners no longer have to travel to buy the necessary parts; they can have it home-delivered, at a discounted price. Websites are multiplying, which cater to just car parts. The best sites to buy car parts online is therefore a review that may be worth a look, and save the readers money.

A Bit About Cars and Car Parts

The connection between cars and car parts is organic, and interdependent. We therefore need to understand a bit about how the Age of Cars came to be. The “Age of Cars” can be said to have begun in 1886, when the great German inventor Karl Benz launched his Benz Patent Motorwagen. As cars began to dominate the roadways, another revolution came around in 1908, which included the common people in its fold. This was the Ford Model T.

Later followed by the German Volkswagen, cars have literally spread around the world. Since then, the names of famous inventors and developers in this field, like Karl Benz, Henry Ford and Jean Bugatti, have been on our lips, and “automania”, “road rage” and other related terms are bandied in social circles at the drop of a hat. But certain rules are strictly imposed on the car manufacturers by the US Federal Laws. Primarily, car manufacturers are required to have car parts available for any car models for a minimum period of ten years after the car ids sold. In Third World countries, this period is even longer, as the models last longer unchanged.

Websites For Car Parts

Some of the best sites to buy car parts online are listed as follows:

  • Autozone: This is the largest auto parts retailer in the US.Founded in July 4, 1979, as “Auto Shack”, by the brilliant Pitt Hyde; it is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. It has 6,003 warehouses in the US, Mexico and Brazil.
  • Amazon: This is, along with Autozone, the largest retailer of car parts in the world. Its sales figures have already been reported above.
  • Advance Auto Parts: Walmart announced it had bought this site in 2019, and has created a special niche site for car parts only.
  • NAPAonline: Another favorite with car owners.
  • EBay: one of the earliest sites to retail car parts online, it is also one of the largest MNCs.
  • Alibaba: Jack Ma’s creation, its figures read like something out of a fairytale. China’s Giant site has possibly the largest stock of car parts in the world, and the highest turnover.

Others worth noting:

  • Pepboys
  • Spareshu
  • AutoPortal
  • Boodmo
  • Partsbigboss

Car Parts Online

But car manufacturers find the manufacturer of car parts divert them from their real business (of making and selling cars), and causes losses instead. Instead, franchising or letting out the manufacture of car parts add to the manufacturer’s profits, and also allows specialized professionalism to succeed in the separate manufacture of car parts only. This explains why car parts have flourished as a separate but connected extension of the car business, by allowing economies of scale to succeed in production and sale. This development has become even more specialized with the advent of online websites to market and sell car parts. This has become another Revolution, which is threatening to overtake traditional business in car parts. Online sales of car parts in the US alone have climbed by 16% in 2019. It has reached US$ 12.3 Billion already. Mobile phone online sales of car parts have exceeded US$ 7.4 Billion. The e-Commerce in car parts is estimated to grow at an average annual rate of over 25%. An Internet site that is recognized internationally as the largest Internet Retailer of 2019 (Amazon Inc.), has estimated its sales of auto parts as over US$ 6.3 Billion, plus US$ 1.6 Billion additionally in replacement parts from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). World digital sales are estimated at over US$ 162 Billion this year.…

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